X-Guard: Tomoe Nage and Armbar


The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory is now going to be officially affiliated with Dynamic MMA in Vancouver/Richmond, BC.  It kind of always was, although now there’s a link to this site from their homepage. Sweet.

Therefore it seems like a good time to feature a video of one of our coaches at Dynamic, Matt, showing some counters to an opponent pressuring forward in your X-Guard. Don’t let the funny haircut fool you, Matt is a very good purple belt and is our resident CrossFit coach.

Big thanks to Matt for letting me post this video of him teaching. He’s a pretty humble guy and I appreciate that he’s letting this go out into the aether. Thanks also to Shawn who has been filming a lot at Dynamic and let me edit this together. Lastly, thanks to the remarkably handsome and talented Uke in this demonstration (okay, that’s me… and I’m not that talented).

Here’s the video of Matt showing an entry to the X-guard and one variation of the Tomoe Nage sweep:



As a bonus, here’s Matt showing an additional counter to forward pressure in the X-guard. This armbar variation can be used when your opponent goes for a can-opener to try and pressure forward to break your X-guard:


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