Judoka: Doug Rogers Documentary


In 1964, Doug Rogers became the first Canadian to medal at the Olympic Games in Judo. At 19 years of age, Doug traveled to Japan, to the Kodokan, to work with the best Judoka in the world. Partly because Doug was already in Japan, the Canadian Olympic Committee recruited him to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Doug fought hard in the finals against Isao Inokuma, and achieved a silver medal in the first-ever Olympic Judo competition.

Following his narrow defeat, Rogers began training with the legendary Masahiko Kimura. In the Jiu Jitsu world, Kimura is famous for submitting one of the founders of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Helio Gracie, with a the reverse ude-garami arm lock, now simply called “the Kimura.” The following documentary, Judoka, details the events of Rogers’s training with Kimura.

At Dynamic MMA, we had the privilege of having Doug teach our Sunday Judo classes for several months. Doug’s wealth of  experience and technique are assets to all who train with him. Both Doug and his son, Hugh, who fought with us for a time are great coaches and people. It was always fun hearing Doug telling stories about “Kimura Sensei” while demonstrating a Kimura’s infamous O-soto-gari, a brutal clock choke (Koshi Jime) or the arm-lock that bears his former coach’s name. This documentary has been on youtube for a while, but someone recently re-uploaded a high quality version that fixed the sound syncing problems. It’s definitely worth a look.


Judoka – Part I


Judoka – Part II

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2 responses to “Judoka: Doug Rogers Documentary

  1. Alejandro

    HI!! Could you tell us more about what he talked about. About the osoto-gari and the kimura and his personal stories?

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