Gunnar Nelson – Seminar and Interview


Gunnar Nelson is the first Icelandic back belt. He originally trained with the Straight Blast Gym team, and now trains under Renzo Gracie. Gunnar rose to prominence as a brown belt, both as an MMA fighter and Jiu Jitsu competitor.

He earned a silver medal at the Mundials in 2009 and won the Pan Ams that year. He went on to win gold at the no-gi Pan Ams at black belt the very same year. One of Gunnar’s self-described largest accomplishments in his life came during the 2009 ADCC competition, when he took fourth in the absolute, beating perennial heavyweight standout Jeff Monson.

I admire Gunnar’s smooth, calm Jiu Jitsu and his mix of technical ability and athleticism. The video below is more like a short documentary, and is very well edited and produced.


Gunnar Nelson Seminar 2011 from stuart cooper on Vimeo.

Gunnar Nelson Seminar and Interview from Manchester, UK.

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