Rodolfo Vieira


Rodolfo Vieira is a bad man. I mean, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but it’s scary what he did to his field during the 2011 Jiu Jitsu World Championships. Winning both the absolute and heavyweight divisions, Rodolfo’s performance created a torrent of voices clamoring to see the young GF Team black belt matched up against arguably the most dominant champion in Jiu Jitsu, Roger Gracie.

Let’s look back on Rodolfo Vieira’s career and World Championship run. Although I mainly watch lightweight and below, seeing a Jiu Jitsu fighter with the power and skill of Vieira is impossible not to appreciate.

For a complete analysis of Rodolfo Vieira’s guard passing see: Rodolfo Vieira: The Passing Machine on The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory.


Rodolfo Vieira – Highlight


Rodolfo Vieira – World Championships 2011


Rodolfo Vieira v. Cobrinha – 2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro


Rodolfo Vieira v. Braga Neto – Passing Clinic


Rodolfo Vieira v. Claudio Calasans – Best match from 2011 World Championships

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5 responses to “Rodolfo Vieira

  1. Mads

    Love your blog!! But why dont you do a piece on Rodolfos’ passing game and topgame. His techniques and what not, what makes him the SHIT!

  2. Mads

    wich guys ? :D:D:D

  3. kei

    No doubt that Rodolfo Viera is strong and technical. It’s not wrong to call him “the black belt hunter” but I dont think he can be compared to Roger GRacie. First because he has not Roger’s record in bjj. And second, he didn’t submit the notable fighters but won (largely, I acknowledge it) by points. on the contrary, Roger almost finished all his opponents!

    If it’s true that Rodolfo Viera is on another level, Roger Gracie is definitely in an other planet :)


    • Thiago Callegario

      Yeah, but you forgot the fact that Rodolfo is a 21 year old Black Belt, who was awarded this belt less than 2 years ago. And yet he defeated great (and highly estabilished Black Belts) fighters such as: Braulio Estima, Braga Neto, Calasans, Rubens Cobrinha and many, many others.
      Just out of his Brown Belt he already got the Absolute World Championship, the World Pro…. Points or submissions, he IS on a different level right now. And isn’t that far from Roger, himself.
      Just try and imagine what he could achieve with his 9 years left fighting as an Adult. Roger, for example, has only 1 year left. And only got his first Open Weight World Championship at the age of 26.

      Besides, Rodolfo has submitted many notable fighters. Guys like Mario Reis and Antonio Braga Neto. And, as I said, he has a long road ahead of him. He is very young and very talented already.

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