Reverse de la Riva Guard Mini-Instructional

Reverse de la Riva guard


The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory presents: Reverse de la Riva guard


About the video: The reverse de la Riva guard is becoming increasingly common in Jiu Jitsu competition. There is little information about the position, however. This is a short instructional video designed to be an introduction to the reverse de la Riva and inverted reverse de la Riva positions. Many thanks to Jeff from the Jiu Jitsu Vortex, Matt, and my wife Cathy for helping with the video!



Individual Techniques:  

Reverse de la Riva tripod sweep


Reverse de la Riva inverted back take


Reverse de la Riva reverse X guard


Reverse de la Riva Mendes Bros. Tomoe Nage

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11 responses to “Reverse de la Riva Guard Mini-Instructional

  1. Matt

    This is pretty sweet! Thanks a bunch for the ideas.

  2. Chad

    thanks man, this is awesome stuff!

  3. This is really good stuff man. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is sick stuff… gave me a lot of good ideas. Keep this coming!

  5. wow great work guys – big leap in production quality – when’s the dvd coming out??\

  6. one of the very best bjj blogs around!

  7. Another awesome post! Thanks a lot! i’ve been trying to work the reverse DLR into my game!

  8. Thanks everyone. Any thoughts on what we should do next!?

  9. Eusebius

    Awesome material again!

    How about analysis of Rudolfo Vieira’s passing game next?

  10. Tom D

    Would love to see more of the Spiderguard series, maybe the passing could be expanded.

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