Hiatus/Happy Father’s Day


Almost every blog on the internet has a post somewhere in their history that basically says, “Hey, sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, but I’m back and will be writing all the time now!”

Well, I can’t really say that, since I don’t regret taking some time away from the site, and I can’t make any promises about my writing output these days. You see, In April my wife gave birth to a healthy and happy baby girl, who has taken all of my non-working time.  I’m still training lots, thanks to my supportive and understanding wife, but not writing as much as I’d like to.

I do have some projects and posts lined up, though. You’ll see one of them tomorrow. I’m pretty excited.

Thanks to all the readers of the Jiu Jitsu Lab for your patience over the last few months, and Happy Father’s Day to all the grapplers that make time for training and their kids!

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10 responses to “Hiatus/Happy Father’s Day

  1. Tom D

    Congrats on such a beautiful baby. You’ll be a brown belt in changing nappies soon enough.


  2. Cario

    Congrats enjoy life we will stl be arnd

  3. Ray

    Congratulations, have missed your posts but am glad you’re spending time with the little one. Enjoy it, they grow up fast!

  4. This is officially one of my favourite baby photos. But you’re going to have to retire that purple belt soon.

  5. Drew

    Congrats friend!

  6. Josh

    CONGRATULATIONS!! you have been missed though, good to have you back

  7. Andre

    I hope that belt is clean and freshly washed. It would be really gross for a baby to be putting that in their mouth. Very cute baby by the way.

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