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Metamoris Pro – Review and Recap


Metamoris is a silly name for a Jiu Jitsu event, but “Gracies in Action” was already taken.

Forget the name, though. Let’s focus on the fact that a fantasy for every Jiu Jitsu fan just took place – 20 minute submission-only superfights between some of the best competitors in the world. For an event where only half of the matches had a deciding result, it was nonstop excitement and still felt very satisfying. I was thoroughly impressed with the performances of all of the athletes involved. And, although some technical issues were apparent in the live-stream, I was equally impressed by the first time promotion. Well worth the $20 for the stream since each fight brought a unique experience and excitement.


Metamoris Pro trailer


Caio Terra vs. Jeff Glover

Glover taps. Budovideos photo. 


The first Jiu Jitsu match of the evening gives us a rematch between two elite grapplers with unfinished business. Their last encounter at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo ended with Glover scoring a win on points in a close match. After the match fans argued that the match would have been decided in a longer, submission-only fight. It was a fantasy at the time, which is the key to the appeal of the Metamoris Pro. It’s essentially a collection of all of the potential matches that are bandied about on the internet message boards by Jiu Jitsu fans.

The match started with Terra sitting to the slowest guard pull ever, before launching into a berimbolo sweep.  Terra tried a few berimbolos in this match, and I love the way he brought his knee in before crossing his ankles in order to sweep to the leg drag while preventing the footlock. At least that was the plan, but Glover kept snagging tight toe-holds that only failed due to Terra’s inhumanly flexible ankles.

The first exchange ended with both men on their feet, after which Glover performed his now-signature move of giving his back. Unlike their last encounter, Caio doesn’t attack but playfully spanks Glover showing that any hard feelings from their last match are no more.

Once on top, Terra’s gameplan was to work the armlock, which he did with determination as Glover defended for several minutes before giving up the tap as Terra used a beautiful grip break and an unorthodox foot position on Glover’s neck to secure the submission.

Both athletes were the models of sportsmanship after the match, which is unusual after a match between these particular athletes. Glover, whose showboating has drawn scorn, hoisted Terra in the air after the match. While Caio Terra is often criticized for his post-fight interviews, he was nothing but class as Rener Gracie stuck the microphone in his face.


Jeff Glover vs. Caio Terra – Metamoris Pro


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